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Is knitting the new yoga?

The positive health effects of knitting have been studied for some time and it has been revealed that knitting is a great way of stepping back, relaxing and reflecting on your day. It distracts you from the constant rush of working life and helps promote mindfulness.

Many professionals have even likened knitting to yoga with both skills allowing you to slow down and collect your thoughts.

Gather Your Thoughts

Any experienced knitter will tell you that knitting is one of the most relaxing times of the day. Its an opportunity to sit back, breathe, slow down and take your time about things โ€“ the perfect recipe for mindfulness. The rhythmic and repetitive nature of knitting can induce the same relaxing effects as yoga or meditation.

Keep Learning

Knitting is a great skill to learn and is known for improving your memory. The rhythmic motion serves as an effective memory aid and is perfect for embracing the powers of concentration. Knitting particularly benefits those who learn best through motion โ€“ the kinaesthetic learner.

Spread The Love

Knitting is one of those crafts that allows you an opportunity of satisfaction. Thereโ€™s nothing more rewarding than holding that article youโ€™ve created for yourself. With every little stitch having love engrained into it, what better excuse than to offer your homemade finished project as a gift.

Be With Others

Although knitting is thought to be a solitary craft, it can be a social craft. Use your knitting time as a way of distracting yourself from your mobile and instead use the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with the ones you love.

Learning how to knit isnโ€™t as hard as it is perceived, in fact itโ€™s an easy craft to teach yourself. Complete with a making bible, a set of bamboo knitting needles and a high-quality, luxurious ball of yarn, the My Life Handmade Knitting Kits offer an elegant starting point to your first project. Relaxation and mindfulness is just around the corner.