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What you don’t know about Knitting

what you don't know about knitting

Knitting is become an increasingly popular hobby, but unbeknown to a lot of people there are actually a huge amount of other benefits that come with knitting too.

Keep Calm

Knitting is often likened to the art of meditation where you allow your mind to pause, refocus and forget about your worries.

Exercise your hands

Knitting consists of a high amount of repeated, rapid finger movements, perfect for keeping your hands agile.

Knitting helps to keep your finger joints flexible and the muscles in the hands toned and steady. Regular breaks are recommended though to avoid your hands seizing.

Perfect for relaxing

Knitting is great for relaxing and you feel much more accomplished once you’ve completed a good session.

When you’re relaxed your stress levels are much lower, helping to keep away the nasty health repercussions of increased stress levels.

Great For Improving Your Memory

Knitting and crocheting is all about remembering a pattern and how to count, multiply and measure.

As these crafts are reliant on your memory, it makes you use your brain more making your memory stronger.

It can even help your math skills too!

Great For Putting A Stop To Mindless Eating

Do you have a tendency to eat out of boredom? Well it may be worthwhile taking up a knitting as a hobby.

It’s proven that busy hands will stop you reaching for the food and research even shows that people who knit often have better diets than those who don’t.

Give yourself a sense of purpose and achievement

Give yourself a purpose and start up a new knitting project!

This will give you a goal to aim for and getting over that end finishing line of your project is great for creating that inspiring feeling.


If your project is a handmade gift for friends or family or even a little something for yourself, by the time you reach the end of that project it offers a great sense of achievement.