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What you didn’t know about doodling!

Doodling is often seen as a negative thing, but actually there are a number of advantages to doodling. Here we introduce you to the things you didn’t know about doodling.

Get your creative juices flowing

Doodling is another way of drawing – a creative way of generating ideas to solve whatever problems you might be stuck on. Doodling may also be useful for refining ideas that you already have. 

Explore your knowledge

Doodling allows us to explore our knowledge further. Doodlers ignite the brain when their pen touches paper, creating an innovative flame which we all need to get our creative juices flowing and exploring ideas we’re still yet to.

Improve Concentration

Whilst it may appear that the person sat doodling in your meeting isn’t paying attention, it’s more likely that they are more focused than you. Doodling keeps your brain engaged elevating focus and concentration. So, make a note that it’s pretty important that we encourage doodling from here on.

Remember more

Doodlers remember more and have a higher capacity for information retention. This is primarily because they are more focused during the situation that they were told something, meaning they will be more likely to retain the information.

See the bigger picture

Doodling encourages awareness of the big picture. This is an essential skill set in developing strategy - whether for a corporate takeover or figuring out what to cook for dinner.

Think Beyond the Expected

Doodling helps us to break away from habitual thinking patterns. Habitual ways of thinking can disadvantage us from seeing new opportunities and out of the box ideas as we often get too comfortable with patterns and stereotypes we already know.