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Tips for improving your study skills

Studying can be testing at the best of times, but retaining the information is even more of a challenge! We’ve done some digging on the best ways to improve your memory when studying and here’s what we’ve got so far.

Prop cards

Thoroughly read textbooks, journals and articles but as you go jot down some simpler and easier to understand notes so you can study the information you need. A great idea to make them more digestible is using prop cards. It’s also worth noting down any burning questions you have separately too so you can address these once you’re finished making notes.

Listen to audio

An alternative to reading, and suited better to some types of learners, listening to audio allows you to write down key notes about the subject you’re learning.

Say it out loud

Either read the topic aloud or try teaching someone else the topic. Saying it out loud can be an enhanced way of learning.

Mind Map

Rather than full paragraphs of notes, use your notebook to create mind maps – they’re great to break down information into easily digestible key points. Turn them into a jazzy diagram and maybe add some illustrations to make it more appealing on the eye.

Test yourself

Use past exam papers to help test your knowledge. What’s more, by tackling past papers you can get used to the format of the exam, helping you to settle into it much more quickly and easily on the day.

Make sure you’ve eaten

Making sure you’re well-nourished is key for increasing your focus and concentration. Eating improves your energy levels and it’s scientifically proven that you learn better once you’ve eaten too!