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6 Ways to find your inner balance

When the going gets tough and nothing is going your way, finding your inner balance is all you want right now. To take in the calm and enjoy the simple things in life.

There are a few simple steps you can take to help you on your way to finding inner balance – and here they are.

Turn off your phone

Give yourself some time away from your phone. Step away from your work emails and don’t be replying to those unread messages. Make yourself unavailable - this is the best way to step back and give yourself some down time away from work. Use this time to do something you don’t often get to do such as seeing friends or having dinner with loved ones.

Take a bath

Lie in a nice hot bath, tinted with essential oils, relax and take your mind away from the real world.

Know when to say no

Are you your own worst enemy for over committing to plans in and outside of work? Learn when to say no and give yourself some down time. Whilst it’s good to be busy, being too busy often leads us to burning ourselves out.

List the positives

It’s always easy to take more notice of what’s going wrong in your life rather than the positives. Take some time to jot down the positives – what are your achievements? What makes you happy? What are the fun things you want to do? This exercise will give you some inspiration of what to plan next.

Reach out to your friends

Organise a coffee or brunch with friends, not only does this give you a break away from home, but your friends can often help to add a positive spin to situations and diffuse what you see as a problem.


Try and see the funny side to situations not always the negatives. Its proven that laughing helps your brain to work more effectively.