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5 Simple Home Refreshes

The new year has left many of us feeling inspired to change or update areas of our life, and this extends to our home. Whilst it may be tempting to give your space an entire makeover, keep budget in mind and make simple amends to your home to give it a welcoming refresh – you’ll thank yourself later, especially if saving is one of your new years’ resolutions!

Update an item of furniture

Just one piece of furniture can dictate the style and mood of a room, so if you’re making an update, choose a statement piece which does all the work for you. Choose a style with a bold design, colour or texture for optimum impact.

Create a feature wall

Create a magical transformation by focusing on only one wall. Reflect a colour accent already present within the room by matching it with a new coat of paint on the wall. Turn this into a real feature by adding a collection of your favourite framed images or quotes for an on-trend update.

Adding new fragrances

Elevate your senses by introducing a new aroma into your home. Scented candles and reed or aromatherapy diffusers are all popular choices and are a simple way to refresh your space.

Light up your life

Whilst we are still enduring these shorter days and darker nights, we can lift the shroud of darkness a little by adding new elements of light to our home. Add table lamps to cosy areas in your home you want to enhance or incorporate fairy lights for a dreamy effect.


Refreshing your bedroom? It doesn’t need to be an upheaval; something as simple as updating your bedlinen can transform the room. Adding fresh plants to the room is another finishing touch that will really bring the room together.