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Pony Bamboo Crochet Hook in 6mm

Pony: Bamboo Crochet Hook 6mm

New to the My Life Handmade UK Accessories Range, the Pony Bamboo Crochet Hook in 6mm length. The perfect Crochet Hook for use with the My Life Handmade Macramé, Weaving and Punch Needle Craft Kits.

Why is the Pony Bamboo Crochet Hook perfect? The finely polished wooden surface makes for easy craft, allow you to glide through your next crochet project. What's more, the gentle tapered tip helps to prevent your yarn from splitting and the rounded handle is designed to sit comfortably in your hand allowing you to crochet for hours.

These Pony Bamboo Crochet Hooks are available in a number of different sizes including 4.5mm, 5mm & 6.5mm, suitable for a number of yarns. Explore the MLH Accessories Range today and pick the perfect Pony Bamboo Crochet Hook for you.