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Needle Punch

Threading Your Needle Punch

Take the needle punch threader and push the tip up through the eye of the needle punch tool.

Guide the rest of the threader through the channel of the needle punch tool until it pops out of the end.

Thread the wool through the loop of the needle threader. Pull through so the wool has 1cm length of wool from the eye of the needle punch.

Needle Punch The Basics

When creating a needle punch design, the wool should loosely flow through the needle punch tool and catch the hessian. This forms loops on the opposite side of the hessian creating a texture design. Once you have prepped your hoop and threaded your punch needle tool, you are ready to learn the basics!

Punch the needle all the way into the hessian. Always face your needle in the direction you are going.

Bring the needle up out of the hessian, making sure not to lift it too high, just enough so it drags across the hessian into the next hole.

To turn a corner, punch the needle into the hessian and turn the needle in the direction you want to go in.

Changing Colours

During the design you will want to change the colour of wool or move onto another area. This will create variation in your design. Master ‘Needle Punch – The Basics’ before attempting to change colours or moving to another area.

Pull the needle up out of the canvas, making sure the needle doesn’t lift any higher than the top of the canvas.

Pinch the wool at the top of the hessian and at the point of the needle punch tool.

Keep hold of the wool and pull the needle punch tool away. Cut the wool 3cm away from the pinched point.

Pull yarn out of the needle punch tool and re-thread with a different colour.

Finishing Your Hoop

This will create a tidy back to your hoop and will finish it off nicely.

Trim excess hessian 8cm from hoop.

Flip your hoop over and thread the needle with a length of unused wool. With the needle, knot your wool to the hessian.

Keeping the same distance around the hoop, go up and down with the needle into the hessian. This is called a running stitch.

Once you have reached the knot back at the beginning, pull the wool taut. Knot your wool to the hessian to hold the gathered hessian in place. Trim the excess wool and hessian.