What do your doodles mean? – My Life Handmade

What do your doodles mean?

Doodling comes second nature to most of us whether its whilst sat in a meeting or as a welcome distraction to revision. What most people don’t know is, you’re doodles often have a meaning.

Here we describe the meaning behind some of the more common types of doodles.


Circles represent a social circle – you’re sociable, talkative and a super friendly soul!


This demonstrates that the person drawing has a streak of drive, ambition and motivation in them!

Aimless lines

Aimless lines imply you are confused or frustrated with no structure or direction in what you are doing.


Are you someone who draws squares? This can often mean you’re a practical kind of person with a positive can-do attitude!


Triangles are often a sign of a logical and rational thinker, who has a desire to see things come to fruition.


Drawing a heart is a sign that you have a loved one on your mind.


The face drawn is often representative of how the person is feeling. If parts of the face are missing it can often symbolise a person feels like they are missing something.

3D Boxes

A 3D box is a sign that you can view an issue from every aspect and are level-headed about how to approach it.


Flowers represents a softer side to you. Not only that, it often shows your desire to grow too.


Stars represent a sign of hope and optimism and that things are generally looking up.


A bare or droopy branch often presents a lack of fighting spirit. So, make sure you draw yours at full bloom!