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Top 5 stationery essentials

DeskSpaceLooking to get organised? Here’s a list of some must have stationery bits and bobs that we recommend stocking up with.

A5 Notebook

Perfect for keeping notes, writing to do lists and doodling during lectures (of course, we don’t encourage this), an A5 notebook is a must have piece of kit!

Ballpoint Pens

It goes without saying these are a stylish essential for jotting down information and keeping records!

Pencil Set

When it comes to drawing out diagrams and images, pencils are something you can’t live without so make sure you stock up. The My Life Handmade Pencil set also comes complete with a ruler too – everything you need for creating the perfect graphs and revision diagrams!

Rubber & Sharpener

These two make the perfect pair to the pencil set as they are absolutely essential to helping your pencils work. Sharpen away when your pencils get blunt and rub out any pesky mistakes you might have made.

Pencil Case

Last but not least, a pencil case. Perfect for keeping your stationery bits and pieces together, the My Life Handmade Pencil Case comes in two different colourways. Keep your desk mess contained with this super stylish piece.