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Things happy people do every day

We’ve all woken up in a bad mood, tired and not prepared for the day ahead. Working to this short check list is perfect for helping to boost your daily mood.

Set yourself a goal

Keep yourself organised and know what you’re doing for the day. A to do list can help break your workload down into manageable chunks.

Listen to music

Listening to music, whatever it may be, is guaranteed to lift your mood ready for the day ahead.

Eat Breakfast

Missing your morning meal is bound to have the adverse effect on your day – believe it or not hanger is real! Make sure you grab a quick bowl of cereal or even make a brekkie you can eat on the move.

Drink at least two litres of water a day

Dehydration is renowned for putting a dampener on your mood so make sure you keep your water bottle full and keep drinking!

Spend some time outdoors

Whatever the weather, getting yourself some fresh air for 20 minutes or so is proven to reduce stress levels and improve your mood.

Put yourself first

Whilst everyday tasks such as tending to the kids or getting through those emails are deemed as important, there’s nothing more important than spending 30 minutes by yourself to do something for you. That could be reading a book or having a relaxing bath, but your time is super important.

Show Gratitude

Pick one thing a day that you’re grateful for and jot down your reason in your journal. Too many people focus on the negatives, but this helps to focus on the positive. You could be grateful for the smallest of things, but it only takes that small thing to help lift your mood.

Get to sleep early

Lack of sleep can often be the cause of a bad mood, so get yourself to bed early, sleep soundly and wake up refreshed!