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Is it time for a digital detox?

Mobile phones play a key role in modern day living, but is it time you had a break from yours? This blog post offers seven steps to gradually cutting down your mobile phone time.

Turn off your notifications

Whether its email, social media or text messages, turn off your phone notifications! This will ensure you aren’t tempted to look at your phone.

Don’t take your phone to the dinner table

You won’t have your phone as a distraction, so you will be more inclined to catch up with your partner or family and see what’s been happening during the day.

Unsubscribe to junk mail

Those pesky junk emails cause you to spend more time than required on your phone. Spend the time upfront unsubscribing to the emails you don’t want to receive, and you will be able to spend less time deleting them in the future. It’s worthwhile deleting those apps you no longer use too.

Only check your emails twice a day

It’s worthwhile planning two slots in your day to check your email. Be strict and only check your mail during these periods.

Only check your social media twice a day

Spend a maximum of 20 minutes, twice a day, on social media. Restricting your time on social media can keep you away from the negativity of others and also allows you time to speak to the closest people in your life.

Turn off your phone after 7 pm

Use this time to interact with family or catch up with friends or, if you’d rather, do something to take care of yourself. Have a soak, spend some time reading a good book or watch that movie you’ve not had time to yet.

Don’t check your mobile as soon as you wake up

As tempting as it might be, don’t go reaching for your phone first thing to check your emails or your messages. Try using an old-fashioned alarm clock to save yourself from the temptation of checking your phone.