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How to create a more productive office space

If you work from home there may be some temptation to sit and work from your bed, the sofa or your favourite chair. There are three reasons why having a dedicated office space is important; it’s much better for you ergonomically, it makes you more productive, and it’s all round more inspiring.

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

Ensure you regularly and ruthlessly declutter your desk space. It allows you to focus on the task in hand rather than the mess around you.

  • Use desk storage to store papers and keep them off your desk.
  • Keep your pens and pencils in a pot or pencil case so they aren’t scattered around your desk, making them easier to access when required.
  • Rather than several post-it notes dotted around your screen, keep a notebook close by to ensure that any notes or to do lists you need to make can be done so easily.

Open Your Blinds

Natural light is a great way of encouraging productivity. In fact, research shows, that it improves your mood, alertness and metabolism and not having any natural light could have a detrimental effect on your health.

Invest In A Good Office Chair

Research confirms that slouching can cause backaches, headaches, fatigue and poor concentration, which is why investing in a good office chair is important.

A healthy posture, when the spine is properly aligned, promotes greater overall comfort, including improved concentration.

Paint Your Room A Soothing Colour

A subtle colour scheme is much better for an office environment as it’s more likely to keep you on task. Research shows that green is the best colour for productivity, so try a soft green on your walls.

Make sure you stay away from a bright, garish colour scheme as the brightness can be a little off putting when you’re trying to focus.

Bring The Outside In

Introduce some low maintenance plants to your office space as this helps to improve the air quality of the room. What’s more, it adds a little bit of life and colour to your workspace too.

Remember your office space must inspire creativity and increase efficiency, so it’s important to improve your space and make it as productive as possible.