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Getting Started With A Travel Blog


Travelling is the perfect remedy for self-care. If you’re a keen traveller and have seen several different countries, why not share your experiences with others by starting up a travel blog?

But before you start, knowing what to include can often be quite difficult to decide, don’t worry though, we’ve got the essentials right here!

Your Home Page

This is the first page people will see when they visit your blog so it’s essential this looks great! On this page include your logo, some of your recent blog posts, some of the best photos you’ve collected from your travels, a short bio on what your site is about and most importantly, an email sign up form.

About Page

Readers are likely to want to know more about you and what you plan to do with your travel blog. This section is where you can really personalise your blog, it doesn’t need to be long just a couple of short paragraphs about yourself and a snapshot of yourself on your travels to show readers what you look like.

This page is also a good page to house your contact info, unless you’re set on a separate contact page.

Your Blog And The Places You’ve Been

This is where the blog posts you write will show up. Let people know about all of your trips, however many it might be

Unsure about what to include in your blogs? Most importantly, include pictures, but also include things like tips and tricks for staying in each country, restaurant or activity recommendations, hotel recommendations, basic phrases in that country’s language. You name it there’s loads of things you can include.


A more modern way of conveying messages is through videos or vlogs. This gives people a real taste of your experience and can demonstrate so much more than a simple image can. Sometimes its well worth the extra effort of creating a video of your trip!

Using elements of all these things should get you on your way to creating an interactive blog. Remember, the best way to maintain your blog is to keep travelling and adding more to it – usually the trick is to visit interesting places and do unusual activities.

The best thing to do is jot down notes in a notebook as you go along so you don’t forget any details – that way you can turn this into really engaging content once you get time to sit down after your travels.