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Four spaces you can make cosier using fairy lights

With dark mornings and dark nights still lingering, we’ve got some elegant ideas for creating a cosy space using fairy lights. These dainty little additions are great for creating a peaceful space.

The Bedroom

Save yourself from the harshness of the main light or a bright bedroom lamp by putting some fairy lights around your headboard. This is a great idea for creating a relaxing ambience right before bed, giving you the opportunity to snuggle up and wind down.

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Office Space

Whilst a proper light is recommended for a full day in the office, if you’re wanting to create a space where you can escape and reflect at the end of the day, some twinkly fairy lights could be your calling. They offer a neutral light that’s not over bearing, the perfect environment for journaling or completing your diary.

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Garden Space

It may be cold, but with the addition of a fire, a chunky knit blanket and some fairy lights even your outdoor space can be turned into one of warmth and relaxation.


Living Area

Your living area may be the space where you spend the most time trying to wind down and chill out after that hectic day in the office. Some fairy lights above the fire or even around the staircase could add a more relaxed effect to the room compared to that glowing table light. Complete with some candles, a roaring log fire and a corner of the sofa your night of relaxing is set to be a success.

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