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Five big time management mistakes

Not managing your time properly can often cause the biggest headache ever when you’re trying to organise your work schedule and plan your social life.

Give your time management ways an overhaul and ensure you are working more efficiently, here are some pointers on how you can do just that.

Your to do list is out of control

Don’t try and tackle everything on your to do list, you will simply drown yourself.

Instead, go through your list, prioritise what needs doing first based on the deadlines you need to meet, and just focus on one thing.

If you focus on one thing at a time, you’ll become more efficient in completing your tasks.

You haven’t created a plan or schedule

Don’t just pick up whatever comes your way, instead allocate time to specifically do things.

Allow yourself an hour a week to make sure that you have all the tasks you need to complete in your schedule – that way nothing gets forgotten.

You don’t have a morning ritual

Don’t instantly wake up and check your emails. Get up a little earlier, take some time to do something you enjoy (meditate, journal, spend some time with your family) and feel ready for the day ahead.

This small change can make the biggest of differences.

You’re not practicing self-care

Don’t forget to take some time out every now and again! There’s nothing worse than sitting with family and friends when you’re totally drained.

The key to your own success is to take some time to relax, recuperate, spend time with friends and family and enjoy yourself!

You don’t have boundaries for social media, family time or personal time

Take one day a week where you spend some time away from the realms of the internet, social media and emails. It’s important to enjoy life and to prioritise time doing the most important things.