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9 Great ways to start the day

Here are some of our top tips for ensuring your day gets off to a flying start.

Don’t hit snooze!

Whilst that extra 20 minutes in bed might seem worth the while, it’s proven that waking up and getting up is the best thing for your sleep cycle. If you go back to sleep, a new sleep cycle is started which can make it even more difficult to get up and get going.


Although you may not feel thirsty, remember you won’t have consumed any liquids for the past eight or so hours whilst you’ve been sleeping, so your body will be dehydrated. A glass of water first thing is a must for hydration - it fires up your metabolism and gives your brain some fuel to get started with your day.

Don’t reach for your phone

As tempting as it might be, don’t go reaching for your phone first thing to check your emails or your messages. Try using an old-fashioned alarm clock to save yourself from the temptation of checking your phone first thing.

Open the curtains

Getting up and opening the curtains is the first thing you should do when you wake up. It’s great for improving your alertness, productivity and can even help your sleep pattern too.


The thought of exercising in the morning isn’t always the most appealing, but actually it’s the best time of the day to exercise. Exercise releases endorphins which are renowned to boost your mood and productivity. Not only does it kick start your day, exercising in the morning also helps to improve your sleep too.

Make your bed

You may not think this would make a difference but making your bed offers a feeling of organisation for the day ahead. What’s more, it saves you from the hassle and stress of having to sort your bed out to climb in in the evening.

Get up and get washed and dressed

Having a shower, washing your face, brushing your teeth and putting on a nice outfit is an important start to the day, as it results in you feeling presentable and gives you more feeling of self-confidence.

Make sure you have breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you make time for a healthy breakfast you should have more energy to tackle the day ahead. You may even find you have more ability to focus and concentrate on your tasks in hand too.

Write a to do list

Make yourself a to-do list. This enables you to prioritise you tasks for the day but also gives a sense of purpose too. Ticking off the tasks on the list is also pretty satisfying and offers a sense of self-achievement.

Now you should be ready and raring for the day ahead – it’s amazing what difference a strong start makes to your productivity!