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2020 New Years Resolutions to look after your wellbeing

2020 Resolutions

We want to help you stick to your new years resolutions for longer than 2 weeks! The secret is choosing something that is easy to stick to and that will improve you mental wellbeing. Here are some of our suggestions...

Limit your time on social media

So much of our time is consumed on social media and comparing our lives to others, or experiencing FOMO (Fear of missing out!). Take some time for yourself and stop worrying about what others think! Take a look at how much time you spend browsing social media and try to cut it down by half.

Go to bed earlier

Stock up on your sleep and spend time resting and revitalising. No one can perform well on a 50% battery. Don’t lose sleep by overthinking either. If you’re feeling stressed, write down your thoughts and deal with them in the morning. Some people find that meditating before you go to bed really helps you fall into a deep sleep. Establishing a regular calming bedtime routine that helps you wind down will help your mind and body realise it’s time to go to sleep.

Practice Self Care

2020 is all about looking after yourself. Self care comes in many forms, for some people its eating well and going to the gym, for others its about taking the time out to have a long soak in a bubble bath with candles and relaxing music. Whatever works for you, make sure that you take time out every week to look after yourself. 

Keep a diary

Whether you are tracking your daily moods or writing down your thoughts and feelings, keeping a track of your mental wellbeing can be a really valuable outlet - enabling you to clear your head! Treat yourself to some new stationery this for 2020!

Drink more water

There are so many benefits to drinking water; rehydrating your brain, flushing out your toxins, boosting your immune system, regulating your temperature, preventing bad breath and improving your mood! If you find it hard to drink water, why not try water infusions!

Find a new hobby

There’s plenty of hobbies that will help with your mental wellbeing; macramé, weaving and crochet to name a few. Soft craft hobbies are great for keeping you calm, perfect for relaxing and great for improving your memory.